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You need to launch your site and launch it now.

You don't have time to work on it for months and you're not a web developer or designer. You don't even know what to say on the site.

That's why The Website Rehab was created! Join us for early access & get your site up & running in 7 days!



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Here from us about the course!

Our Course Includes:

What Do You Get From The Website Rehab?

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What to Expect

Drip Content

Fear not! We'll release the content to you every other day so you can take action and get things done!

Live Virtual Q&As

Two Q&A sessions on the just released content so you can ask questions if you feel stuck or just need more info.

Resource Vault

Exclusive Resource Vault just for our Website Rehabe Members helping you reach your goal to launch now.

Actions to Succeed

You can't get results if you don't take action. We're all about the Action Takers here. We're ready to support you!

Taught By Proven Professionals

You have already taken the first step by understanding you need a website or recreate it. Let us help you the rest of the way.

Hey, it's Charlene V. Brown, Website Architect at your service!

Creating websites can feel overwhelming at times. I help you get the strategy down so the rest gets easier for you to hand off & focus on what you love.

I have been designing websites for over 20 years. But that's nothing special. You can find a website developer or designer anywhere. 
What makes me different is that I understand marketing and will help you develop a website strategy to deliver the right message to your ultimate customer. 

After studying human behavior of over two decades I learned how to speak to them using Copy. I'll help you do that in this course too.

I am just a guy who has always been fascinated with the way the world wide web works. I am not a computer programmer. But I designed my first website over 20 years ago without coding.

That is how I know you can do it too.

Today, I have designed several websites where I sell goods and services. But my specialty is writing kick-butt text for the web that integrates well with the design of the website.

Together Charlene and I want to help you rehab your website.

Hey, I'm Robert Berry,
your Website Copy Expert!

Parents share their
story and success


“Amy saved our family. Simple as that. My husband and I needed help with our children, and Amy was there to guide and help us all the way.”

Bethy Clarks

“We became parents early, and we didn't know how to handle this grown-up world. Amy helped us to be better parents to our children and ourselves.”

Jessica H.

“You are part of our family now. Thank you for the care and guidance. You taught us how to be better parents and to realize we can do it!”

Betty and James

Hear From the Pros

Fellow marketers who took this course have something to tell you
Milly Johns
Marketing Lead at Hoopi.com
I was stuck managing campaigns, this course helped me get the promotion I wanted to marketing director!
Kelly Johnson
Junior Lorem Isum
“Three day course, over 14% ROI gain in the month after. This course has paid for itself a hundred times over”
Bred Millson
Junior Lorem Isum
“Marketing strategy calls for a broad understanding of multiple channels, this course covered everything I needed”

Frequently Asked Questions

No, each topic will be taught from the ground up and requires no prior knowledge.

Three days of focused learning, but we break it down to smaller segments so you can learn and take action.

Robert Berry (Expert Auditor) and Charlene V. Brown (Website Architect and WordPress Specialist) have composed this course based on current day strategies and their real-world professional experience.

You will have a website that properly represents your business to the online world. Helping you to be positioned as an expert and leader in your industry.

Yes! All websites should be evaluated every 1 – 2 years. So This course can give you some ideas to help simplify this process.

At this time the course is available only in the English language.

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